Lipid antigen presentation and thymic selection of iNKT cells

Federica Facciotti, Gennaro De Libero, Ed Palmer
2009 unpublished
Bacteria Cell culture reagents 77 Cells 78 Freezing and thawing of primary cells and cell lines 78 Generation of human T cell clones 79 Maintenance of human T cell clones 79 Generation of murine Vα14 iNKT hybridomas 80 Generation of stable transfectants Discussion • CHAPTER 2 CD1e participates in the generation of iNKT cell ligands Summary Results CD1e participates in the stimulation of CD1b and CD1c restricted T cells Type 1 iNKT and type 2 NKT clones respond differently to self lipids in the
more » ... resence of CD1e CD1e influences the types of cytokines secreted in response to presentation of exogenous lipids CD1e facilitates loading and unloading of αGalCer onto CD1d Generation and characterization of Eα-CD1e transgenic mice Presentation of endogenous lipids is facilitated in CD1e tg mice Discussion 13 • CHAPTER 3 183 Sterol carrier protein 2 (Scp-2) is required for the maturation of iNKT and their stimulation by endogenous lipids Summary Results Scp2 influences iNKT cell numbers Residual iNKT cells in Scp2 -/mice are functionally normal APC from Scp2 -/mice present exogenous lipids normally Presentation of endogenous lipids by Scp2 -/mice is altered Scp2 -/mice have an altered repertoire of self-lipids stimulating iNKT cells iNKT cell maturation is blocked in Scp2 -/thymus Discussion CONCLUSIONS 217 BIBLIOGRAPHY 223 CURRICULUM VITAE 245 AKNOWLEDGMENTS 251
doi:10.5451/unibas-005195423 fatcat:cq3sv4z7jvgftmdwshflecdlta