Good news from Alsace: the Covid-19 pandemic is (almost) over. NOW WHAT?

Carlos Rodriguez
2020 Qeios  
For the last 4 or so months we have been rushing up to find answers to big questions raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides the obvious ones, relating to the urgency to discover something that could curtail the constant bleeding of deaths caused by the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, there has been a lingering mystery about the disease. T his mystery can be formulated as follows: How is it possible that so many highly exposed people, including many with obvious clinical signs of being
more » ... ected, are persistently negative both in the qRT PCR and the serum antibody test? A paper posted yesterday by a French team provides a more than reasonable explanation to that conundrum and, by doing it, put us in a position to start thinking in the beginning of the end of this pandemic. For the last three and a half months, I, as many others I suppose, have been spending my mornings and evenings poring over rims of scientific reports in search of a thread that I could pull and hopefully find the definitive clue. T oday, this very morning, after all Qeios, CC-BY 4.0 · Article,
doi:10.32388/uo6rt1.3 fatcat:ip5xo6ngz5fpte3szmae4wmrmq