Recent Advances in Turning Processes Using Coated Tools—A Comprehensive Review

Sousa, Silva
2020 Metals  
Turning continues to be the largest segment of the machining industry, which highlights the continued demand for turned parts and the overall improvement of the process. The turning process has seen quite an evolution, from basic lathes using solid tools, to complex CNC (Computer Numerical Control) multi-process machines, using, for the most part, coated inserts and coated tools. These coatings have proven to be a significant step in the production of high-quality parts and a higher tool life
more » ... higher tool life that have captivated the industry. Continuous improvement to turning coated tools has been made, with many researches focusing on the optimization of turning processes that use coated tools. In the present paper, a presentation of various recently published papers on this subject is going to be made, mentioning the various types of coatings that have recently been used in the turning process, the turning of hard to machine materials, such as titanium alloys and Inconel, as well as the interaction of these coatings with the turned surfaces, the wear patterns that these coatings suffer during the turning of materials and relating these wear mechanisms to the coated tool's life expectancy. Some lubrication conditions present a more sustainable alternative to current methods used in the turning process; the employment of coated tool inserts under these conditions is a current popular research topic, as there is a focus on opting for more eco-friendly machining options.
doi:10.3390/met10020170 fatcat:zhcn664xendllatwwhobgqb6ru