Potentials of solvation of macromolecules as a measure of intermolecular interactions under viscous flow conditions

Anatoliy Filimoshkin, Sergey Safronov, Marina Safronova, Eugene Chernov
2005 E-Polymers  
AbstractViscous flow of polymer solutions is depicted as a combined totality of elementary acts of flow within the bounds of the thermodynamic Joule cycle. Intrinsic viscosity of polymer solutions is represented as an energetical function of intermolecular interactions rather than a measure of additional loss of energy due to the rotational and viscoelastic deformations of macromolecules in the flow. A new theoretical concept in the light of the thermodynamic cycle analogous to that of Joule is
more » ... brought forward to describe the viscous flow of polymer solutions. The concept is represented as a sequence of elementary cyclic processes described by equations, which establish a relationship between solvation potentials (
doi:10.1515/epoly.2005.5.1.284 fatcat:wnz7qunhrre4xagehuiepge2x4