Preparation of chitosan/gelatin nanofibers containing triamcinolone by electrospinning and investigation of drug release

Leila Behbood, Pouran Moradipour, Elham Arkan
2020 Depiction of Health  
In the present study, a biocompatible drug delivery system was prepared by using chitosan-gelatin nanofibers based on electrospinning method. Methods: The nanofibers were prepared by electrospinning and cross-linked by glutaraldehyde to stabilize in aqueous medium. The surface morphology and approximate size of nanofibers were investigated by the scanning electron microscopy and optical microscope. Results: The nanofibers were characterized and the interaction types of drug-nanofiber matrix
more » ... evaluated by using FT-IR spectrum. The swelling of nanofibers was about 3.88% and the stability of nanofibers about 3 days was estimated. Conclusion: The drug release experiment in phosphate buffer (PBS pH=7.4) showed that quick release occurred in early hours and then release rate was decrease and controlled release was continued for three more days. The results showed that the triamcinolone drug delivery system was well implemented and could be used as a functional patch in the future.
doi:10.34172/mj.2020.029 fatcat:stieudy34batzp2c2vyj4ef2cm