Collimation scheme for the ESRF Upgrade

Reine Versteegen, Paul Berkvens, Nicola Carmignani, Laurent Farvacque, Simone Liuzzo, Boaz Nash, Thomas Perron, Pantaleo Raimondi, Simon White, Henderson, Stuart (Ed.), Akers, Evelyn (Ed.), Satogata, Todd (Ed.) (+1 others)
The ultra low emittance foreseen for the ESRF Upgrade will translate into a limited Touschek lifetime, increasing substantially the loss rate around the ring compared to the present machine. Consequently it becomes crucial to know the distribution of electron beam losses to optimize the radiation shielding and to protect the insertion devices from radiation damage. Such loss maps of the storage ring can be produced thanks to the simulation of the Touschek scattering process along the lattice.
more » ... is shown that about 80 % of the beam losses can be collimated in a few chosen locations only, keeping the resulting lifetime reduction smaller than 10 %.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2015-tupwa017 fatcat:ofe6wvfyazdqrf4whnr3lov5yi