Man Killed by a Catamount

1849 Scientific American  
This road has been leased for five years past at $1,550 per annum, with the reserved right to claim it whenever it should be wan ted b, the company flilr the purpose of ex tension to Rochester, or to renew it with heavier rails. It has consumed the rent to pay the taxes and discharge debts incurred for surveys of the extension and other pur poses. The length of the old road is 23 miles and of the extsnsion to the Genesee river at Rochester 5410·100 ; cost of construction of the old road
more » ... he old road $210,000. No dividends have been made the last five years. ' The whole capital for the old road and ex tension is fixed by the Le5islature at $1,200,-000. Over $950,000 has been subscribed for the extension. rhe masonry, grading and bridging, and completion of the road, ready for the superstructure, is under contract from Lockport to Rochester, and about $25,000 has been ex pended for the extension. It is ex pected to have the whole ready for the iron within the coming year.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02171849-170k fatcat:gtmi6ywrbred5p3da2ha4ihlti