Large-scale modeling of cardiac electrophysiology

J.B. Pormann, J.A. Board, D.J. Rose, C.S. Henriquez
Computers in Cardiology  
Simulation of wavefront propagation in the whole heart requires significant computational resources. The growth of cluster computing has made it possible to simulate very large scale problems in a lab environment. In this work, we present computational results of simulating a reaction diffusion system of equations of various sizes on a Beowulf cluster. To facilitate comparisons at different spatial resolutions, an idealized ventricular geometry was used. The model incorporates anisotropy, fiber
more » ... s anisotropy, fiber rotation, and realistic membrane dynamics to determine the computational constraints for the most detailed situations of interest. Three meshes with mesh spacings of £ ¥ ¤ § ¦ © , £ ¦ © , and © © , corresponding to roughly , , and ! " nodes in the computational domain, were considered. The results show that good parallel performance is possible on a cluster up to 32 processors. © spatial resolution, full anisotropy and fiber rotation, This simulation needed approximately e k 3 r i
doi:10.1109/cic.2002.1166757 fatcat:l25mqtmwcfer5fpyomdhpq5baa