A Thorium Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum Analysis

Oluwatomi A. Akindele
2019 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Antineutrino monitoring of nuclear reactors for nonproliferation applications traditionally asses the plutonium inventory. When applied to thorium reactors the diversion 233 U, bred through neutron capture on 232 Th, becomes the material of interest. In the absence of experimental data, the antineutrino emission from the fission of 233 U is estimated ab initio from known beta energy endpoints and fission yields for 233 U. Using the derived antineutrino spectrum and rate evolution, the
more » ... tion, the antineutrino emission under normal conditions and an anomalous scenario was compared to determine the time necessary to detect diversion of a significant quantity of 233 U.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1216/1/012019 fatcat:dokejn632ra3dbyupceu334qmy