Midwives and Obstetrics in Baranja, Slavonia and Syrmia since the Beginning of 17th to the Beginning of 20th Century

Zdenko Samaržija
2015 Acta historiae medicinae stomatologiae pharmaciae medicinae veterinariae  
The oldest news about newborns in Slavonia date from early 17 th century, precisely at the time when the decisions of Trident Council (1543-1563) regarding emergency baptism are implemented in Croatian landsin necessitate baptisatus or ab periculum vitae erat baptisatus, which was done by midwives. However, there are no confirmations that this system was implemented in Baranja, Slavonia and Syrmia under Ottoman rule. After Habsburg conquest of Baranja, Slavonia and Syrmia, supervision over
more » ... pervision over midwives is taken over by Catholic Church. Midwives now received education and gave oath, which in turn allowed them to baptize newborns in case that delivery goes wrong. At the same time, academic medicine takes control over professional work of midwives -in the beginning in towns and their surroundings, and gradually over the area between Danube, Drava and Sava rivers. In the early 18 th century, midwives covered several villages, and the government has tried to increase the number of midwives since the middle of the century, so that every village has at least one. Several midwives worked in towns, and in the late 19 th century hospitals hired midwives as well.
doi:10.25106/ahm.2015.1511 fatcat:45htypclfvdtbeh3izpjtrfmti