Old cities environment transformation in the conditions of modern technogenic influence (ecological analysis of Kimry, Tver Region)

Olga Alexandrovna Savvateeva, Elena Vitalievna Arkhipova, Alexandra Nicolaevna Belova, Alexandra Andreevna Vlasova
2017 Samara Journal of Science  
The following paper deals with the problem of historic cultural centers environment transformation on the example of Kimry, the Tver Region. The relevance of the research is defined by the fact that technogenic influence of all environment components on urban areas is actually big. The dense population, abundance of multi-storey residential buildings and social objects are combined with intensive traffic flows, existence of the household and industrial enterprises emanated considerable
more » ... ic flows of toxic substances. The paper contains results of a complex analysis of Kimry ecological state, including assessment of soil cover and atmospheric air pollution, magnetic component of technogenic electromagnetic fields of industrial frequency, air aero ionic composition and acoustic influences. The authors show that the maximum technogenic transformation of environmental material and geophysical components is characteristic for the Kimry central part where difficult infrastructure of the modern city is inscribed in tight space of the historic center. Pollution of soil cover and atmospheric air are due to high concentration of transport and imperfection of highways network. Universal existence of electromagnetic smog and change of air aero ionic composition are caused by low layout of city lighting and electrical power supply networks wiring. As a result the authors offer a number of ways how to improve the ecological situation. Division of business parts and cultural parts of old cities and creation of recreational and tourist clusters in the cultural part could be a cardinal solution of the historic centers problem.
doi:10.17816/snv201763106 fatcat:ille5ww5f5ei5ibf4ae7l3rpdu