Identification and Function of a Novel Candidate Gene for Asthma:ADAM 33

John W. Holloway, Stephen T. Holgate
2005 Allergology International  
Asthma is a complex disorder of inflammation and remodelling largely restricted to the conducting airways. It is a disorder where there are major genetics and environmental factors that interact together to initiate and propagate the disease into a chronic relapsing disorder. Until recently the genetic factors involved in disease pathogenesis have been restricted to variants in known molecules involved in the inflammatory or remodelling pathways. In this review evidence is presented for a new
more » ... sceptibility gene for asthma, ADAM 33, that was identified by positional cloning. It is suggested that ADAM 33 plays a key role in predisposing to reduced lung function and bronchial hyperresponsiveness characteristic of asthma. Through an understanding of the diseaserelated SNPs(in ADAM 33)it may be possible, not only to identify a gene based diagnostic test, but also to focus attention on developing a new treatment that reverses remodelling changes. KEY WORDS a disintegrin and metalloprotease 33, asthma, epithelial mesenchymal tropic unit, genetics Allergology International. 2005;54:25-30
doi:10.2332/allergolint.54.25 fatcat:tejfovqezzejle3rdhsldrjoc4