New Frontiers in Nuclear Physics Research at ELI--NP

C.A. Ur, D. Balabanski, G. Cata-Danil, S. Gales, I. Morjan, O. Tesileanu, D. Ursescu, I. Ursu, N.V. Zamfir
2015 Acta Physica Polonica B  
Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) is one of the three pillars of the pan-European ELI initiative aiming to use extreme electromagnetic fields for nuclear physics research. The pillar, currently under construction at Bucharest-Magurele, will comprise two major research instruments: a high power laser system and a very brilliant gamma beam system. Both systems are at the limits of the present-day's technology. The high power laser system will consist of two 10 PW APPOLON-type
more » ... asers based on OPCPA technology with output energy higher than 200 J, pulse duration of 20-30 fs and intensities of up to 10 23 -10 24 W/cm 2 . The gamma beam, produced via inverse Compton scattering of laser pulses on a relativistic electron beam, will be characterized by high spectral density of about 10 4 photons/s/eV, narrow bandwidth (< 0.5%), tunable energy of up to 20 MeV and degree of linear polarization higher than 95%.
doi:10.5506/aphyspolb.46.743 fatcat:pfvx4xbxhrfdrk5vwp34ksq5my