Investigation of a Molten Salt Extraction/Electrolysis Process for Converting Ilmenite to Iron and a High Grade TiO2 Feedstock

Kevin J. Leary
1992 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
The feasibility of beneficiating (upgrading) ilmenite ores using a molten salt extraction/electrolysis process was investigated. In this process, the iron fraction is selectively extracted from ilmenite and reduced to metallic iron at the cathode; the oxygen species is converted to CO and/or C 0 2 at a carbon anode. The beneficiated (upgraded) ore is then recovered from the melt, and the molten salt is recirculated back to the reactor. The high T i0 2 content o f the ore after extraction o f
more » ... iron fraction increases its value as a feedstock for the production o f T i0 2 pigment by the Chloride Process. Several salt systems were studied, including LiCl-KCl, NaOH-KOH, LiB 02-K B 02, and LiCl-KCl-LiB02. Of these systems, the best results were obtained for the LiCl-KCl-LiB02 system containing 5 to 20 weight % LiB02.
doi:10.1149/199216.0110pv fatcat:vj6upsljp5hpxjtcyfs5tsnpiy