Research of Acute Poisoning on a Local Emergency Medical Facility in an Urban-Rural Area
일개 도농복합지역 지역응급의료기관 환자의 급성 중독 실태

Hyo-Sun Choi, Dai-Hai Choi, Kwan Lee
2008 Journal of agricultural medicine and community health  
= ABSTRACT = Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of acute poisoning cases admitted to a local emergency department in an urban-rural area. Methods: This retrospective study included all patients with acute poisoning who admitted the emergency department between June 2004 and May 2005. We analyzed the medical records for etiological and demographical characteristics of the acutely poisoned patients. Results: There were 155(1.0%) poisoning cases among 15,457
more » ... ases among 15,457 admitted to the emergency department. Of the admitted cases, 51.0% were female and 49.0% male. The poisoning made a peak in the age range of 30-39 and over 60. The seasonal distribution in poisoning patients suggested a peak in spring(38.1%) and summer(24.5%). The majority of exposures(95.5%) occurred in patient's home, 81.8% were deliberate. The most common agents of acute poisoning in deliberate causes were drugs(p<0.01). All of deliberate cases were suicidal attempts. The most common poisoning cases were pesticides in male, but in female were medications(p<0.01). Overall mortality rate of total cases were 12.9%. The overall mortality rate was higher in male(p<0.05), increasing age(p<0.05) and intentional ingestion(p<0.05), pesticides poisoning(p<0.05). Conclusions: The study forms a foundation for future work on poisoning epidemiology which hopefully will facilitate the allocation of preventive services in order to reduce the incidence as well as morbidity and mortality of toxic exposures.
doi:10.5393/jamch.2008.33.2.193 fatcat:xjrjwh27fzd7bkg3pv46tou3zy