Laser manipulation of metastable neon atoms [article]

Hoogerland, MD (Maarten), Leeuwen, KAH (Ton) Van, Verhaar, BJ (Boudewijn), Beijerinck, HCW (Herman)
Citation for published version (APA): Hoogerland, M. D. (1993). Laser manipulation of metastable neon atoms. Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Abstract The photon statistics of resonance fluorescence are studied by means of an atomic beam deflection experiment; The expected sub-Poissonian statistics are a manifestation of the quantummechanical nature of light. We present extensive results giving the deviation from Poissonian photon statistics as a
more » ... statistics as a function of the intensity and the detuning of the exciting laser field. We compare the data with results from a numerical simulation and give an explicitly real-valued expression for the integrated photon waiting time distribution. Due to a transient effect a large difference between the two level theory and our experimental data in case of q excitation is observed. However, excellent agreement between the experimental data and the numerical simulation is demonstrated. [25J S-Q. Shang, B. Sheehy, P. van der Straten, and H. Abstract The design of an 'atomic beam intensifier' for neutral atoms using a combination of laser cooling techniques is presented. A beam of Ne* 3P2 atoms, initially diverging at 0.1 rad half-angle, is first collimated by a variation of the Doppler cooling-technique using effectively curved wavefronts. It is then focussed by a magneto-optical lens and recollimated near the focus by Doppler cooling. This results in a beam with a diameter of 4 mm and a divergence of 0.002 rad, containing the full flux of the original beam. This constitutes an increase in centerline beam intensity with a factor 1600. The intensified atomic beam opens up a whole new range of possible applications. 65 1 75
doi:10.6100/ir399838 fatcat:yfamg2ekhraxdobusnc7eanexe