Selection of the Korean Vowels on the E-Tran Board

Jeongeun Ko, Sangeun Shin
2020 Communication Sciences & Disorders  
Objectives: An E-Tran board, a non-electronic communication aid, is widely used for individuals with complex communication needs in English-speaking countries. In particular, those who have very limited physical movement but functional literacy skills can benefit from this low-tech system, which uses only their eye movement for alphabet selection. Despite the strengths of the E-Tran board, lack of effort was made in Korea, which hinders Korean AAC users from having the chance to communicate
more » ... ctively with others. Considering the fact that the Korean language has complex vowel systems, such as diphthongs, the present study aims to investigate the effects of vowel selection in the E-Tran board and the vowel type of the target non-words in terms of accuracy and response time. Methods: Thirty normal adults participated in this study (mean age= 24.6 years, SD= 1.8). They performed a non-word generation task using two types of boards (single selection of diphthongs vs. double selection of monophthongs). Results: Results showed that the single selection of diphthongs showed more accuracy scores and faster response time. Notably, when generating the target words with diphthongs, participants performed better in the E-Tran condition of single selection. Conclusion: The E-Tran board is expected to help Korean AAC users to communicate more efficiently through the single selection of monophthongs and diphthongs. Further research is needed to identify the effect of the single vowel selection across a wide range of language units composing of meaningful words.
doi:10.12963/csd.20718 fatcat:aq7s4z44nvb3fdcnfchtijrfea