The Principle of the Presumption of Innocence in Britain and France: Towards a "European Model" of Protection

2017 Russian Journal of Comparative Law  
This article undertakes a comparative legal study of the principle of the presumption of innocence in Britain and in France. The author attempts to answer the following questions: What are the differences of implementing this principle in the United Kingdom in comparison with the French system of criminal trial? What are the consequences of implementing this principle for the status of a defendant? How does the European Convention of Human Rights protect this principle and how does it strive
more » ... w does it strive towards harmonizing national standards of presumption of innocence, if at all? Taking into account the differences in approaching this principle in the said jurisdictions, the author ponders around the future prospects of the European model of fair trial, set up by the European Convention of Human Rights.
doi:10.13187/rjcl.2017.1.38 fatcat:qkgat7kqrvdmvayoizisgnzeba