Lead concentrations in semen of healthy men without occupational exposure to lead

M M Plechaty, B Noll, F W Sunderman
Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science  
Lead analyses were performed by atomic absorption spectrometry of semen and blood specimens from 21 medical students and technicians (ages 19 to 41 years) who had no occupational or avocational exposure to lead (Pb). Seminal Pb concentrations averaged 5.9 (S.D. +/- 2.7) microgram per dl (range = 1.0 to 11), and blood Pb concentrations averaged 13.1 (S.D. +/- 3.5) microgram per dl (range = 7.0 to 19). Sperm counts averaged 54 X 10(6) (S.D. +/- 29 X 10(6)) sperm per ml (range = 13 X 10(6) to 120
more » ... 10(6)). Seminal protein concentrations averaged 2.9 (S.D. +/- 0.5) g per dl (range = 2.0 to 4.0). No significant correlations were found between seminal Pb concentrations and blood Pb concentrations or between seminal Pb concentrations and sperm counts. In each subject, the concentration of seminal Pb was less than or equal to the concentration of blood Pb. These measurements are the first published data on seminal Pb concentrations in healthy men, and they serve as reference values for measurements of Pb in semen from Pb-poisoned men.
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