Autonomous Web Services Based on Dynamic Model Harmonization [chapter]

Makoto Oya
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing  
Web Services has become the infrastructure to connect business applications over the Internet. Under the current Web Services, however, stakeholder systems must follow the predefined rules for a particular business service including those about business protocols to send/receive messages and about system operation. Only the systems built strictly to follow the predefined rules can participate in the concerning service. This is insufficient when considering future eBusiness systems. More
more » ... stems. More flexible mechanism is desired where freely built and autonomously running systems can exchange business messages without pre-agreed strict rules. We call it Autonomous Web Services (AWS) and proposed the framework called Dynamic Model Harmonization (DMH) with its algorithm, which dynamically adjusts different business process models between systems [1]. In this paper, we propose middleware technology that realizes AWS based on the DMH. The proposal includes the mechanism and specification to drive an application by a dynamically harmonized business process model, as well as the DMH algorithm extended in line with the proposed mechanism. In addition, the way to control very long transactions often appear in AWS environment is proposed, and messaging infrastructure for AWS is discussed based on the prototype implementation.
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-85691-9_12 fatcat:6mmharxitzadjlpfolwfo66hkm