A simple denoising approach to exploit multi-fidelity data for machine learning materials properties [post]

Gian-Marco Rignanese, Xiaotong Liu, Pierre-Paul De Breuck, Linghui Wang
2022 unpublished
Machine-learning models have recently encountered enormous success for predicting the properties of materials. These are often trained based on data that present various levels of accuracy, with typically much less high- than low-fidelity data. In order to extract as much information as possible from all available data, we here introduce an approach which aims to improve the quality of the data through denoising. We investigate the possibilities that it offers in the case of the prediction of
more » ... e band gap relying on both limited experimental data and density-functional theory relying different exchange-correlation functionals (with an increasing amount of data as the accuracy of the functional decreases). We explore different ways to combine the data into training sequences and analyze the effect of the chosen denoiser. Finally, we analyze the effect of applying the denoising procedure several times until convergence. Our approach provides an improvement over existing methods to exploit multi-fidelity data.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1579892/v1 fatcat:f2n4tpc4jnbxpotdpbvbls6zk4