Image Inpainting Based on Multi-Patch Match with Adaptive Size

Shiyuan Yang, Haitao Liang, Yi Wang, Huaiyu Cai, Xiaodong Chen
2020 Applied Sciences  
Patch-based image inpainting methods iteratively fill the missing region via searching the best sample patch from the source region. However, most of the existing approaches basically use the fixed size of patch regardless of content features nearby, which may lead to inpainting defects. Also, global match is needed for searching the best sample patch, but only to fill one target patch in each iteration, resulting in low efficiency. To handle the issues above, we first evaluate the
more » ... te the nonuniformity in an image, by which the patch size is adaptively determined. Moreover, we divide the source region into multiple non-overlapping subregions with different nonuniformity levels, and the patch match proceeds in every subregion, respectively. This strategy not only saves the match time for single target patch, but also reduces the mismatch, and enables the simultaneous filling of multiple target patches in a single iteration. Experimental results show that in comparison to previous patch-based works, our method has achieved further improvement both in quality and efficiency. We believe our method could provide a new way for patch match with better accuracy and efficiency in image inpainting tasks.
doi:10.3390/app10144921 fatcat:xlsoyt3puvceplsi7xrc22eeqi