52 Risk Factors Associated to Wheezing in Mexican Children. A Multicentric Isaac-based Survey Study

Armando Partida-Gaytan, Blanca del Rio, Dino Pietropaolo-Cienfuegos, Jaime Mariano del Río-Chivardí, Lourdes Avila, Juan Valente Merida Palacios, Sergio de Jesus Romero Tapia, Francisco Javier Linares Zapien, Alberto Escalante Dominguez, Sandra González-Díaz, Roberto García-Almaraz, Sergio Carvajal Abdala
2012 The World Allergy Organization Journal  
decreased. Skin dryness and itch scores were reduced in most volunteers. After washed with soap and rinsed in UPSW for 2 weeks, severe dermatitis of NC/Tnd mice were reduced as well as TEWL. On the other hand, dermatitis in NC/Tnd mice rinsed in tap water became worse. Plasma total IgE was increased in mice that were immunized with metallic soap. Conclusions: UPSW protected skins from residue of metallic soap. Metallic soap has antigenic activity and increased plasma IgE levels. Clinical
more » ... ls. Clinical symptoms and the skin barrier function were improved by the use of soap with UPSW. UPSW is beneficial for the skin of patients with atopic dermatitis.
doi:10.1097/01.wox.0000411797.10550.95 fatcat:lrd356ccwzfvlg7aog32yhf7v4