Structural Analysis of Non Return Control Valve using Finite Element Analysis

K. G. Saravanan, N. Mohanasundara Raju
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The objective of this paper is to perform analysis and optimization of the critical component of Check Valve, its Body or Housing. Housing is mainly prone to its internal fluid pressure which passes through it. Circumferential Shell thickness of the Check valve housing is an important factor which decides the life of the valve. Wall thickness maintained should be an optimized one, else more thickness will lead to cost implication and less wall thickness will lead to failure of the vessel. Based
more » ... on the ASME Standards, Check Valve body is categorized as a Pressure Vessel which contains only internal pressure. This project set out to verify finite element analysis, or FEA, when applied to Check Valves. In this study, we carried out the structure analysis of the body of the Check valve using ANSYS v14.5. Validation of the FEA results is supported by stress analysis using classical theory of mechanics. Numerically calculated stresses are compared with the FEA results and the Wall thickness is finalised based on it. Having tested three dimensional symmetric models, the preliminary conclusion is that the FEA is an extremely powerful tool when employed the original impeller.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is040889 fatcat:mjgaar2qzbffnot223h56soweu