Structure of a strongly coupled large polaron
Структура полярона большого радиуса в пределе сильной связи

Viktor D. Lakhno, Gennadii N. Chuev
1995 Uspehi fiziceskih nauk  
We use the translationally invariant Bogolubov-Tyablikov method to propose a polaron theory. We present calculations of autolocalised electron states for different types of interaction. The structure of these states is shown to be strongly related to the structure and details of the local phonon spectrum. We calculate this spectrum in the strong-coupling limit. Applications of the large polaron model and possibilities of experimental tests are considered for the strong coupling. We generalise
more » ... ng. We generalise the Bogolubov-Tyablikov treatment to the strongly coupled bipolaron and give criteria of the stability and formation of the bipolaron states.
doi:10.3367/ufnr.0165.199503c.0285 fatcat:coyoj2dvl5alnigottvq23ugvm