Dynamics of interacting quintessence

M. Shahalam, S. D. Pathak, M. M. Verma, M. Yu. Khlopov, R. Myrzakulov
2015 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
In this paper, we investigate coupled quintessence with scaling potential assuming specific forms of the coupling as $A$ namely, $\alpha \dot{\rho_m}$, $\beta \dot{\rho_{\phi}}$ and $\sigma (\dot{\rho_m}+\dot{\rho_{\phi}})$, and present phase space analysis for three different interacting models. We focus on the attractor solutions that can give rise to late time acceleration with $\Omega_{DE}/\Omega_{DM}$ of order unity in order to alleviate the coincidence problem.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-015-3608-1 fatcat:dc4cidpk4vawpe6ekywfhzl6hq