Report V. In the Field of Urology

1979 Kansenshogaku zasshi  
The clinical evaluations of cefmetazole in various urinogenital infections, which were obtained at 13 clinical institutes in Japan, were summarized in this report. Of the total 211 cases given cefmetazole analyses were made of 204 cases: complicated infections were predominant (184 cases) among acute and chronic cases, and efficacy rate of 66.3% was obtained with cefmetazole. Bacteriologically, cefmetazole showed the effective rates of 74.5% and 90.2% against Serratia and Proteus, respectively.
doi:10.11150/kansenshogakuzasshi1970.53.87 pmid:115940 fatcat:u3w4hga3fjhq7lmmgkpalbg5gm