Mutu kulit chamois dari kulit domba peranakan merino

Bambang Oetojo
1992 Majalah Kulit, Karet, dan Plastik  
The purpose of this research is to compare the quality of chamois reather output from merino descendent to that one from local shiep .tin. tn the actualization it was used four pieces of merino descendent sheep skin and four pieces of rocal sheep skin. The skins was processed into chamois leather. Chamoisleathers output from this research, either from merino descendent sheep skin or local sheep skin were visually investigated. sratistical analysis points out that there is unsignify difference
more » ... s 0,05) the influence of the species either it is merino descendent sheep skin or local one to the quality of chamois leather. practical meaning of this research is that merino descendent sheep skin may be tanned into chamois leather having some quality to that one from local sheep skin.
doi:10.20543/mkkp.v7i12-13.473 fatcat:33hzghxf4rguhnayvvbnumw2x4