The bilingualism of Hungarians in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Possible language contact effects in the language use of immigrant communities. A work in progress

Zsolt Pál Deli
2022 Argumentum  
The objective of the present inquiry is to investigate the language contact situation resulting from the bilingualism of Hungarians living in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The present study conducted in the United Kingdom and Ireland, involving 200 participants divided into two groups as experimental groups, based on the amount of time they spent in the target countries, explores the use of three linguistic variables: the 'must+Verbimperative', the allative case, and the adessive and ablative
more » ... case suffixes related to comparative structures, in the language use of the Hungarian immigrant communities, focusing on the results of grammaticality judgment tasks in comparison to outcomes of groups serving as control groups in earlier studies conducted in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. A modified and digitized version of the questionnaire of the Sociolinguistics of Hungarian Outside Hungary research project (SHOH) was administered. Even though it has been proven earlier that language contact promotes nonstandard language use, this study does not unquestionably support this view and does not indicate any substantial changes in the language use of the immigrant communities in comparison to the control groups.
doi:10.34103/argumentum/2022/18 fatcat:jrsdkhhyxrcsfmmj5rsls3ra74