Efficacy of a cycling approach for the treatment of developmental verbal dyspraxic preschoolers [report]

Janet Lambert
2000 unpublished
Two preschool males who presented with the characteristics of developmental verbal dyspraxia were enrolled in a phonological cycles intervention approach. Initially, each child's deviant phonological processes were analyzed by the CAPD and target patterns and words selected for remediation. A continuous speech sample was obtained and analyzed to measure intelligibility by percentage and rating on a seven-2 point scale. A time-space probe was developed based on targeted and non-targeted phonemes
more » ... n-targeted phonemes and administered prior to the first intetvention session. Using the selected targeted patterns and words, an individualized remediation plan was developed, and the phonological process cycling approach used. Each subject participated in 60 minutes of intervention for each targeted pattern to complete the first cycle in approximately 10 weeks. The time-space probes were administered approximately every two weeks. At the conclusion of the first cycle of treatment, the deviant phonological processes were again analyzed, a second speech intelligibility measure was taken for percentage and rating on the seven-point intelligibility scale, and the time-space probe administered a final time. The pre-and post-test results were compared. Subject A's phonological percentage-of-occurrence scores increased rather than decreased, speech intelligibility improved, and results of the time-space probe indicated slight carryover of targeted phoneme(s) and generalization to non-target phoneme(s) and phoneme sequences. Subject B's phonological percentage-ofoccurrence scores decreased, speech intelligibility improved, and moderate carryover of targeted phoneme(s) and generalization of non-targeted phoneme(s) and phoneme sequences was noted. Results of the measurements are discussed and implications for further consideration are presented.
doi:10.15760/etd.6220 fatcat:qeeh6njfybdwtdekwm2ap4wtw4