1912 The Lancet  
378 THE BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. the mouth, as efficient packing removed all fear of aspiration of blood. The PRESIDENT complimented Mr. Leedham-Green on the able manner in which he had held the balance evenly between the rival merits of ansesthesia and analgesia. Statistics were not always reliable, and everybody had his own method which in his own hands was perfect, but the really best method was the one which worked best generally. Chloroform mortality compared unfavourably with that of
more » ... rably with that of spinal analgesia, because whereas in the former the figures were derived from the practice of all manner of anaesthetists, in the latter they were furnished from the practice of the highest experts alone. This fact vitiated any comparisons. Unfortunately, chloroform was not always given by the dosimetric method. When the Dubois or Vernon Harcourt apparatus had been used no deaths had occurred. With Roth Drage's apparatus deaths were to be expected, for, although a regulating apparatus, it allowed of the administration of fatal percentages. He did not quite agree with Mr. Leedham-Green's statement that there were no deaths in regional analgesia ; cases had been recorded in which this method had contributed to death. There were
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