A Comparative Study of Microscopic and Endoscopic Type I Tympanoplasty

Sonali Jana, Soma Mandal
2018 International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research [IJCMR]  
The telescopic, wide angle, magnified view of the endoscope overcomes most of the disadvantages of the microscope by exposing every corner of tympanic cavity. Study objectives were to compare the outcomes of microscopic and endoscopic type I tympanoplasty and to determine the advantage and disadvantage of endoscopic type I tympanoplasty as compare to microscopic type I tympanoplasty. Material and methods: Prospective observational study was conducted in Department of ENT and Head-Neck Surgery
more » ... Head-Neck Surgery of a tertiary care teaching Hospital. Sixty patient undergoing either MAT(microscope assisted tympanoplasty) or EAT (endoscope assisted tympanoplasty) were studied prospectively for a period of six month. Each patient subjected to pure tone audiometry preoperatively and postoperatively to document the hearing status. In the same sitting grafted tympanic membrane's status was evaluated. Result: In this study difference between two group were not statistically significant regarding success rate and failure rate. Both the procedure were almost same. In this study endoscopic tympanoplasty group show less incidence of postoperative pain and better cosmetic result. Conclusion: Regarding the outcome of surgery, success rate of endoscope assisted tympanoplasty is comparable to the microscope assisted tympanoplasty. Only advantage of endoscope assisted tympanoplasty is that it provides a wide angled magnified view by which all the corner of middle ear cavity can be visualised for any residual disease.
doi:10.21276/ijcmr.2018.5.10.17 fatcat:4jxm7wctrbbjdgaacqcltpfaq4