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1853 Scientific American  
One of the greatest benefits conferred by railroads upon our people, who dwell in cities like New York, is in the transportation of cattle from distant places. Formerly the cattle which were intended for slaughter in this city, and other ' cities, were marched from Ohio, Canada, and the Western parts of this State, over bad roads, frequently travelling three and tour hun dred miles before they reached their destina tion. The time required to perform such jour neys, was long, being no less than
more » ... being no less than six days and a quarter, at the rate of twenty miles per day. This was attended with great expense, great labor, and IlKp(}SUre of drovers and cattle.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10081853-28a fatcat:osc47p4jpbfnjgqhxccungwvxm