Artistic style characterization of Vincent van Gogh's brushstrokes [article]

Tieta Putri, University Of Canterbury
Automatic style characterization is the process of measuring, extracting, and analysing different formal elements. Brushstroke technique, in conjunction with other formal elements such as colour and texture, play a vital role in defining an artistic style. This thesis explores the stroke-based style analysis of the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, who is well-known for his use of wide and repetitive brushstrokes. Novel brushstroke extraction techniques are used to segment and analyse Van Gogh's
more » ... nalyse Van Gogh's brushstrokes. The extracted features can then be compiled into a feature set which represents the quantified brushstrokes' properties and tested using several classificationbased tests. The most contributing factor for detecting visible brushstroke is the brushstroke's texture, due to the fact that the texture-based segmentation methods give more satisfactory results in extracting visible brushstrokes with their average classification accuracy and F-measure being 98.30% and 0.973 respectively.
doi:10.26021/3227 fatcat:efxpsavslndmthxgyex4gpdvzy