Design and kinematic simulation of a novel exoskeleton rehabilitation hand robot

Shuxiang Guo, Weijie Zhang, Jian Guo, Jiange Gao, Yuye Hu
2016 2016 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation  
The rehabilitation exoskeleton robot is more and more used in the assisting stroke patients in implementing rehabilitation training. In this paper, a novel exoskeleton hand robot which was driven by cable has been proposed to aim at helping varieties of paralyses patients recover motor function. This exoskeleton hand rehabilitation robot system mainly consists of exoskeleton hand robot, EEG system, motor controllers unit, some sensors and a workstation. And the hand exoskeleton mechanism was
more » ... table, wearable and adjustable for patients doing home rehabilitation training. Based on the parameters from human hand, the kinematic model of hand robot was established to be used in designing and the kinematic simulation experiments about this exoskeleton hand robot were done. Through the simulation software ADAMS (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems), the parameters of position, angle velocity and angle accelerated velocity (PVA) of proximate inter-phalanger (DIP) distal inter-phalanger joint were simulated. And then, the movement situation of the DIP joint was obtained according to the data from the position encoder . So the velocity curve and accelerated velocity curve were obtained by calculating the actual position function derivation. The simulated results showed that this exoskeleton hand robot has high movement ability to finish the continuous passive motion (CPM).Beside that, a comparison test was done to verify whether there were some motion blocks in wearing exoskeleton robot. Through analyzing the experimental data, the error between the actual position and the simulated position of the PIP joint of the finger was very small which verified the small interference of robot. These experiments demonstrated that the exoskeleton hand robot has high efficiency movement ability for stroke patients who need to do the finger rehabilitation training. In the future, the optimization design of the exoskeleton hand robot will be done in order to improve more movement ability.
doi:10.1109/icma.2016.7558720 fatcat:bxsk2jlxlvckxekyri6lsq2eay