8 Theory - The Theory of Everything

Manor Ohad
2021 Zenodo  
The following is a complete, in depth overview of all the previous main results obtained in earlier papers by the author. Updated to 11.8.21. First published in 29.3.21. The purpose is to gather all that was found under one file, in a logical order with clean, elegant and chronical fashion (notice that the understanding of the entire latitude increases with each part). The purpose is to make it accessible for other researchers, in order for them to understand the entire ambit of the new theory
more » ... nd in which order it was developed, from a simple idea to a unified theory synoptic in three equations, (1) or (2) in universe packet representation, (1.1) describing the strong and the marvel of (1.2) infinite coupling magnitudes. An extended GR framework, now including Fermions, Bosons as part of the coupling constants series, dark energy, Quark mass series, Universe packets, Particle wave Duality, Quantum Gravity, Spin and more. Research Thesis.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5179810 fatcat:fby7zilr6nhgzm3x6i4awjacs4