Hydrological Assessment of Daily Satellite Precipitation Products over a Basin in Iran

Saber Moazami, Arman Abdollahipour, Mahmoud Niri, Seyed Ashrafi
2016 JOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC STRUCTURES Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz Journal of Hydraulic Structures J. Hydraul. Struct   unpublished
In order to measure precipitation as the main variable for estimating the runoff and designing hydraulic structures, the satellite algorithm products that have the proper spatial and temporal coverage, can be used. In this study, at first, the daily streamflow simulation of Sarough-Cahy River from the Zarinehroud basin was conducted through the artificial neural network (ANN) and ground data of daily precipitation, temperature and discharge for the years of 1988 to 2008. The developed network
more » ... developed network was trained, validated and tested. Then, in order to evaluate the products of satellite precipitation algorithms in streamflow simulation which is the aim of this study, daily satellite rainfall data of PERSIANN, TMPA-3B42V7, TMPA-3B42RT and CMORPH between 2003 and 2008 were used as an input data to the trained ANN model. Considering indices of R2, RMSE and MAE implemented for evaluations, the results indicated that satellite rainfall algorithms are able to simulate runoff efficiently over the study area.