Penalization method for the Navier-Stokes-Fourier system [article]

Danica Basarić, Eduard Feireisl, Mária Lukáčová-Medviďová, Hana Mizerová, Yuhuan Yuan
We apply the method of penalization to the Dirichlet problem for the Navier-Stokes-Fourier system governing the motion of a general viscous compressible fluid confined to a bounded Lipschitz domain. The physical domain is embedded into a large cube on which the periodic boundary conditions are imposed. The original boundary conditions are enforced through a singular friction term in the momentum equation and a heat source/sink term in the internal energy balance. The solutions of the penalized
more » ... roblem are shown to converge to the solution of the limit problem. Numerical experiments are performed to illustrate the efficiency of the method.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2112.10549 fatcat:53wisy4g2jhubdl6qmxl4cqnji