Research on the double slanted cantilevers of a micro structure based on Materials Mechanics

Peng Chen, Ling Zou, Yi Tao, Wu Zhang, Yong Li, Guofeng Fang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Informatics   unpublished
The double slanted cantilevers are used in some micro-structure designs, which have some unique characters. In this paper, the mathematical model of the double slanted cantilevers with irregular cross-section was investigated based on the theory of material mechanics. The moment of inertia and principal axes of the cross-section was derived on some hypothesis. The displacement sensitivity was also analyzed. And FEM simulations validate the calculations.
doi:10.2991/ameii-15.2015.189 fatcat:xiqz2mkkszcknn4ebogi5pv4kq