Reaction of visual nerve to combined influence of ionizing of radiation and bright light

A. V. Potapov
2006 Bûlleten' Sibirskoj Mediciny  
Aimed at revealing the character of modifying influence of ionizing radiation on damages of visual nerve caused by bright light, three series of the experiment were performed. Rats of the first group (n = 10) were subjected to uniform irradiation by LB-40 luminescent lamps (3500 lk, 48 hours). Rats of the second group (n = 20) were subjected to unitary total X-ray radiation in a dozes of 10 and 15 Gr, and rats of the third group ( n = 20) were subjected to combined total influence of x-ray
more » ... tion and light of abovementioned parameters with an interval of one hour. The investigation showed that changes in visual nerve after ionizing (10, 15 Gr), light and combined influences are manifested in destruction of organelles, neuro-tubes and neuro-filamentes in axial cylinders and in demyelinizing changes. Quantitative analysis showed that reactions of visual nerve caused by the influence of ionizing radiation are resulted mainly in demyelinization of eye coat and are doze dependent. Combination of investigated factors causes synergic effect which is characterized by increased number of nervous conductors with degenerative changes of axial cylinders and mielinic coats.
doi:10.20538/1682-0363-2006-2-133-136 doaj:335553a656744f47adf7ac5eeeaeb169 fatcat:x3wlacphnncidptwqsgcs55r5a