Directly pumped 10 GHz microcomb modules from low-power diode lasers

Myoung-Gyun Suh, Christine Y. Wang, Cort Johnson, Kerry J. Vahala
2019 Optics Letters  
Soliton microcombs offer the prospect of advanced optical metrology and timing systems in compact form factors. In these applications, pumping of microcombs directly from a semiconductor laser without amplification or triggering components is desirable for reduced power operation and to simplify system design. At the same time, low repetition rate microcombs are required in many comb applications for interface to detectors and electronics, but their increased mode volume makes them challenging
more » ... s them challenging to pump at low power. Here, 10 GHz repetition rate soliton microcombs are directly pumped by low-power (< 20 mW) diode lasers. High-Q silica microresonators are used for this low power operation and are packaged into fiber-connectorized modules that feature temperature control for improved long-term frequency stability.
doi:10.1364/ol.44.001841 fatcat:ads6ybvv4rgxfoi3bbrdmzwwbm