Customizable Protocol for Information Transfer Between Heterogeneous Platforms

Samudaya Nanayakkara
2019 Figshare  
Today, most of the organizational Information systems are formed usingseveral heterogeneous distributed systems. Some business operations cannot operate only with the information from its own. Relevant information might be maintained in other distributed systems. "Openness" is the basic and the most important property of a distributed system for intercommunicating. It describes how fara system can be extended and inter-operated with other systems. So many standards and protocols are developed
more » ... r sharing data. However, these standards and protocols havesome limitations when it is necessary to transfer different formats of information between heterogeneous systems.Among several available standards and protocols "SOAP web-service" is becoming popular.The new protocol that is introduced in this research is based on human communication and conversation techniques. Rather than in system communication, human communication gives the upper hand for the two parties by enabling a meaningful communication exchange. This new protocol is built upon SOAP protocol for online communications. It is designed in such a way, that most of the drawbacks of existing protocols and standards are eliminated. Offline communications are based on common information files such as spreadsheets.This new information transfer protocol is bundled with better security features and better performance mechanism. It also can handle a communication process even when one party is rapidly changing, and hence it allows continuous system developments independent of the communication interface. Heterogeneous systems will be able to use this new protocol to exchange their information in a more effective and flexible manner.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7712486 fatcat:b25us7xdevew3ercappyfg5wt4