Lepton polarization effects in Λb→Λℓ+ℓ− decay in family non-universal Z′ model

T.M. Aliev, M. Savcı
2012 Physics Letters B  
Possible manifestation of the family non-universal Z' boson effects in lepton polarization in rare, exclusive baryonic "Lambda_b -> Lambda l+l-" decay is examined. It is observed that the double lepton polarizations P_TT and P_NN are sensitive to the Z' contribution. Moreover, it is found that the zero position of the polarized forward-backward asymmetry A_FB^LL is shifted to the left compared to the standard model prediction. Therefore, determination of the zero value of A_FB^LL is quite an
more » ... icient tool for establishing new Z' boson, but also in discriminating various scenarios of the considered family non-universal Z' model.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2012.11.013 fatcat:tte2m6ignnc5zlu7cjdsqdi4bi