Away with linguists! Normativity, inequality and metascientific reflexivity in sociolinguistic fieldwork

Jürgen Jaspers, Michael Meeuwis
2013 Multilingua - Journal of Cross-cultural and Interlanguage Communiciation  
Multilingua 2013; 32(6): 725-749 4 2 Jürgen Jaspers and Michael Meeuwis 3 Away with linguists! Normativity, 4 inequality and metascientific reflexivity in 5 sociolinguistic fieldwork 6 7 Abstract: This paper addresses the fact that in spite of the descriptive and well-8 intentioned ambitions of much sociolinguistic-ethnographic research, members 9 of studied groups often continue to interpret such research as a largely verti-10 cally organized socio-political activity that communicates a
more » ... mmunicates a prescriptive social 11 and linguistic normativity the researcher is inevitably taken to embody. We 12 argue that while many researchers agree that sociolinguistic fieldwork is inher-13 ently political, actual descriptions of informants' awareness of this are still 14 rather scarce. In the process, we demonstrate how members' metascientific 15 reflexivity can be particularly active precisely in and during fieldwork encoun-16 ters and in the entire research event, complicating the idea of a pure and disin-17 terested description and understanding. 18 25 726 Jürgen Jaspers and Michael Meeuwis 4 35 that time, and as inevitably determined by a relationship of political verticality 36 between themselves and the establishment-representing researcher.
doi:10.1515/mult-2013-0035 fatcat:o74eh244ovha7ew3vugpv5eqzm