Providing a Model for Strengthening the Economic Impacts of the National Information Network

Leila Namdarian
2017 unpublished
National Information Network is a local network and includes national data centers, communications infrastructure and software services. It will be deployed throughout the country, and provide e-government services and welfare and social services by optical fiber and broadband at 12 Mbps for Iranian people. Combination of national network and ICT lead to many direct and indirect impacts. The direct impacts are results of investment in technology and infrastructure development and indirect
more » ... and indirect impacts are results of the economic activities by the national network. The national network generate new business models, new process, new innovations, new products and services and provides improved flexibility and competitiveness. According to the important role of national network in economy, and also because of the lack of a comprehensive model for strengthening the economic impacts of the national information network, this study is seeking to develop a model for strengthening the impacts of national information network. To conduct this research, documentary study and interview with experts in the national information network have been used. Based on the results of this paper, proposed model consists of three main steps as: feasibility study and developing a business strategy, implementation (planning and control), and evaluating the economic impacts of the national information network and policy-making for it.