1900 Journal of the American Medical Association  
of recovery it receded slowly. Of pareses, that of the facial nerve was most common, and proved an import¬ ant and reliable symptom. It was present in about 85 per cent, of the cases. It was almost again as frequent on the right as on the left. As a rule it was associated with hypoglossal paresis. Deafness was not observed during the attack, but it or deaf-mutism was a sequel in several cases. Occasionally paresis of the upper and lower extremities was observed, as well as of the bladder and
more » ... the bladder and rectum. Hyperesthesia of sensory nerves, especi¬ ally of the ulnar, was often present. Pneumonia was present in only one case; nor was pneumonia present in the community. Intestinal ca¬ tarrh was present with varied symptoms. Acute rhin¬ itis was observed almost unexceptionally in the pro¬ dromal period, and in some cases the micrococcus intracellularis was demonstrated in the nasal secretion, both
doi:10.1001/jama.1900.02460110051007 fatcat:5i74z7lbezbohhssdgdheobiwm