Comparison of Nano-Mechanical Behavior between Selective Laser Melted SKD61 and H13 Tool Steels [post]

Jaecheol Yun, Van Luong Nguyen, Jungho Choe, Dong-yeol Yang, Hak-sung Lee, Sangsun Yang, Ji-Hun Yu
2018 unpublished
Using nanoindentation under various strain rates, the mechanical properties of a selective laser melted (SLM) SKD61 at the 800 mm/s scan speed was investigated and compared to SLM H13. No obvious pile-up due to the ratio of the residual depth (hf) and the maximum depth (hmax) being lower than 0.7 and no cracking were observed on any of the indenter surfaces. The nanoindentation strain-rate sensitivity (m) of SLM SKD61 was found to be 0.034, with hardness increasing from 8.65 GPa to 9.93 GPa as
more » ... GPa to 9.93 GPa as the strain rate increased between 0.002 s−1 and 0.1 s−1. At the same scan speed, the m value of SLM H13 (m = 0.028) was lower than that of SLM SKD61, indicating that the mechanical behavior of SLM SKD61 was more critically affected by the strain rate compared to SLM H13. SLM processing for SKD61therefore shows higher potential for advanced tool design than for H13.
doi:10.20944/preprints201811.0231.v1 fatcat:5ttcbhulmrh5fbajwmdg2rzona