A Gallbladder Mercedes-Benz Sign in Acute Hepatitis A

Özüm Tunçyürek, Elif Çetinkaya, Aslı Kuru
2016 Meandros Medical and Dental Journal  
Anah tarKe li me ler Hepatit A, safra kesesi, karaciğer, enflamasyon Abstract A 26-year-old male presented to the emergency department with the complaints of abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. During the abdominal ultrasound examination of the patient, who was taken to the intensive care unit due to stomach ache and nausea, the size of the long axis of the right lobe of the liver was found to be 140 mm. An about 1.5-cm lymphadenopathy was detected in the hilum. On portal venous
more » ... rtal venous phase-enhanced computed tomography (CT), the gallbladder wall thickness was 8 mm and pericholecystic and pelvic fluids were observed. Following biochemical tests, the patient was diagnosed with acute hepatitis A. In this case, it was an interesting finding that the gallbladder wall took the form of a Mercedes-Benz sign observed on CT, as a finding of hepatitis A for the first time in the literature.
doi:10.4274/meandros.1807 fatcat:7jhordbnbjcbnapu77v56cbhye