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1877 Scientific American  
Ac Barrel 26 to 32 inches for, the rifl e. The recent in� 1 can be magnetized by drawing it in one direction over . I corresponding radii on the driven '�one by the fOllOW-/ it is not valuable.-We have received an unlabeled temational match demonstrated the superiority of the: one ipole of a permanent horseshoe magnet; or by ing rnles: 1. Having assumed the vallie of one radins' , sample of are rich in zinc and lead-probably from metallic shell (for breech loaders) provided the loaqing '
more » ... he loaqing ' placing it in a helix and then connecting the helix with I it is firot necessary to ascertain whether the one to be Connecticut.-WillM. S. send other samples of his are? is done by thejndividual. Factory cartridges are not a battery and breaking the connection before removing I ' calculated is greater or smal!er: (1) Multiply the asreliable. For general use for a 12 gauge gun, 28 or 30 the steel p-om the helix. snmed radins by 3' 1416 and increase the product by the COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVED. inches is thp. best length; but for a 10 or 8 bore duck distance between the centers of the pulleys. (2), If The Editor of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN acknowledges gun, 32 inches is a good length for the barrel. (50) W. S. H. asks how the bluish white the quaritity obtained by (1) is greater than half the with much pleasnre, the receipt of original papers and (3S) CAT. asks how to stereotype ordicolor is given to gun locks and monnting? They have a i length of the belt, the assnmed radius is greater than contribntions npon the following snbjects: nary sized ' lett�r heads' has tried plaster of Paris and ! grayish white frosted app . earance, A. � he colo . rs ap-th : one to b : determined. (3)" If the quantityob-On the Theort of Universal Gravitation. By J. McC. b t th t I "ll t d 't h ' erB? A, Tbe s!lme as a, spool of cotton is wound. 6. centers, and find the length of belt required. Then as-slaty shole.-The color is due to oxide of iroD.�W. P. Row can I mllke the iron rod become a permanent mag-sume values for the radii of the successive pulleys on McC.-The silicions clay does not contain coloring mitt A. You cann ot; it 18 1\ rod of hardened steel, lind the driving cone, and calculate the values of the matter other than a little oxide and silicate Qf iron-© 1877 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC , The safest way to remit is by Postal O rder, Draft, or E;l:press. Money carefully placed inside of envelopes, securely sealed, and correctly addressed, seldom goes astray but is at the sender's risk. Address all letters, and make all orders, drafts. etc., payable to
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