Mechanical and thermal properties of Homo-PP/GF/CaCO3hybrid nanocomposites

Mehran Parhizkar, Karim Shelesh-Nezhad, Abbas Rezaei
2016 Advances in materials Research  
In an attempt to reach a balance of performances in homo-polypropylene based system, the effects of single and hybrid reinforcements inclusions comprising calcium carbonate nanoparticles (2, 4 and 6 phc) and glass fibers (10 wt.%) on the mechanical and thermal properties were investigated. Different samples were prepared by employing twin-screw extruder and injection molding machine. In morphological studies, the uniform distribution of glass fibers in PP matrix, relative adhesion between glass
more » ... fibers and polymer, and existence of nanoparticles in polymer matrix were observed. PP/CaCO 3 (6 phc) as compared to pure PP and PP/GF had superior tensile and flexural strengths, impact resistance and deformation temperature under load (DTUL). PP/GF/CaCO 3 (6 phc) composite displayed comparable tensile and flexural strengths and impact resistance to neat PP, while its tensile and flexural moduli and deformation temperature under load (DTUL) were 436%, 99% and 26°C greater respectively. The maximum impact resistance was observed in PP/CaCO3(6 phc). The highest DTUL was perceived in PP hybrid nanocomposite containing 10 wt.% glass fiber and 4 phc CaCO 3 nanoparticle.
doi:10.12989/amr.2016.5.2.121 fatcat:odbljxqhbnfalhubsz55bjdkva